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Baby Soap -Tripple Butter -Rose & Lavender

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Soap -Triple Butter -Rose & Lavender- We are proud to offer our newest fragrance, Soap -Triple Butter -Rose. This fragrance is a true homage to the sweet, soothing scent of roses. The top notes of fresh-cut flowers are blended with a sensual middle of French vanilla and the luxurious warmth of cocoa butter. Soap -Triple Butter -Rose is perfect for those who want a gentle, sweet, and soothing fragrance.

The ideal starting point for creating handmade soaps, create a wide range of beautiful products.  .  

  • No animal origin/ Fatty acid
  • Alcohol free
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Free alkalinity - Nil
  • Excellent Foamy & High Glycerin
  • Superior color stability

Baby Soap -Triple Butter -Rose is a beautifully crafted blend of natural oils, including olive, avocado, and coconut, and butters. The product was designed to be gentle on baby's skin and is made with natural and organic ingredients. This product is free of harmful chemicals and animal products. The soap leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized. The sweet scent of rose will leave your baby smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.

This is a creamy, rich, and luxurious soap that is made with triple kinds of butter of Mango, Shea, and Cocoa butter. Equally enriched with almond oil, Joboba oil, Caster oil natural Vitamin E oil. The fragrance has been devoloped with ROSE OIL The soap is so gentle and creamy, you'll want to use it all over your body.

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